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5th April 2017- Tim from Australia 来自澳洲的Tim

【Kluang Daily News】 Where is Tim Going with Xiu Ping?

The owner of Yuan Qi Herbal Farm, Sean Lim, grows many Malaysian herbs in his farm, including Black Face General, Sabah Snake Grass, Napier Grass, etc. When Tim arrived, he explained their many uses to him. Taking a tour around the area, there are Rubber Trees, Coffee Plantations, Dragon Fruit Orchards and Herbal Soap making. What a learning experience, one that cannot be found in a textbook!

【蝠报】 秀萍带 Tim 去哪儿?

居銮占美元气草药园, 园主林晓志为 Tim 解说黑面将军, 优遁草,马草,南非叶, 印度薄荷,对面叶的特质及功效。



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