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#Finally, a plan to reward our referrals!

Many of our new customers have tried samples requested by their family and friends, before making a purchase.

A lot of times, our enthusiatic customers would happily report back to us how their families, friends, colleagues and even neighbours liked the products, after sharing samples with them.

There are also many of them who consistantly placed orders on behalf of their parents and family members.

I have always wished to systematically reward these helpful friends of ours.

So that's how the program was born, and many of the customers who participated received rebates.

#20% rebate for referrals
This is the plan:

Message us to request a personal link, if you are interested to refer a friend.

Anyone who uses your link to place an order, you get 20% of the purchase amount, credited into your account.

The next time you place an order, you can get a rebate with the credits.

The more you refer friends, the more credits you will accumulate.

You might even get to purchase something for free, if you accumulate enough credits!

# My sincere appreciation & thanks.
This is solely a plan to reward our helpful customers, by giving them a meaningful cut in price, when they repeat order with us.

So, this is by no means a “Sales Rep" or a  "Celebrity Endorsement" recruitment plan.

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