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WILLOW Candlebush Cream - Soothing eczema & moisturising 柳树林对面叶软膏 - 舒缓湿疹 & 滋润

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WILLOW Candlebush Cream - Soothing eczema & moisturising 柳树林对面叶软膏 - 舒缓湿疹 & 滋润 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

* Candlebush cream is in the process of product registration, please contact us if you need it.

* 对面叶软膏在处理着产品注册,如有需要请联系我们




• 全身上下只使用一种膏,简单容易
• 用最高级、皮肤最容易吸收的油品制作,可以保养
• 尽可能融入最高浓缩的草药萃取精华,有效的治疗皮肤问题

• 皮肤滋润光滑
• 小皱纹不见了!
• 脸上毛孔变小

• 这膏对湿疹、止痒皮肤发痒发红很有效
• 银屑病长期使用,可以减少干燥脱皮和红痒,轻微的患处还可以治好、斑块消失


成分(全天然) 荷荷巴油、乳木果脂、玫瑰籽油、蜂蜡、草药萃取精华(对面叶,黑面将军,白鹤灵芝,薰衣草,金盏花)


Product Description:

My Family's Secret Remedy - Candlebush Cream
I developed this cream specifically for my family to replace all other skincare products.

My philosophy is:
- To use only one cream, for face and body, simple and easy
- Make the cream with the highest quality and most absorbable oils to richly nourish skin.
- Incorporate the highest concentration of herbal extracts possible to effectively treat skin problems

After using the cream for a period of time, the results are:
- Smooth and moisturised skin
- Fine lines visibly reduced
- Pores minimised

I also discover:

- This cream is very effective for eczema, itching and rashes
- Also helpful when used long-term on psoriasis to calm flaky-skin and redness.
Some mild patches areas even cleared -up.

These are the benefits my family experienced.
I sincerely invite you to try it and you might make some new discoveries yourself!


(All Natural) Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Rosehip oil, Beewax, Herbs Essence (candlebush, black face general, snake jasmine, lavender, marigold)


Apply a thin layer on face and body after shower, apply twice or more a day on problematic skin."

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