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Dish washing Soap - hand care 洗碗皂 - 护手

RM 30.00
Dish washing Soap - hand care 洗碗皂 - 护手 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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重量:每片 100++克

3 片 - 300++g

6 片 - 600++g

• 从对面叶保养皂改一改材料而来的,所以特别温和。

• 照顾双手,尤其是给有双手干燥脱皮问题的朋友。

• 代替伤手的工业洗涤剂。

• 去油力足够,但对双手温和。

• 除了洗杯盘碗碟,也可以用来洗手、洗车、洗地等。





Product Description

Weight:each pc 100++g

3pcs - 300++g

6pcs - 600++g

• Particularly gentle, because the ingredients came from our nourishing Candlebush Soap, with a slight twist.

• A hand-caring dish soap, especially for friends with dry and flaky hands.

• An alternative to industrial detergents that hurt your hands.

• Adequate oil removal power but gentle on hands.

• Also suitable for cleaning hands, cars and floors.

Comes with free bubble net.

Please do not use on body, face or hair.

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