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WILLOW Neem & Candlebush Soap 6-Mix Pack 柳树林苦楝+对面叶皂混合6片装

RM 137.00
WILLOW Neem & Candlebush Soap 6-Mix Pack 柳树林苦楝+对面叶皂混合6片装 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


《对面叶皂单片》RM 26

《苦楝皂单片》 RM 31



混合6片装 - 含有三片苦楝皂和三片对面叶皂。苦楝皂倾向消炎治疗,对面叶皂则比较滋润保养,交替着使用照顾皮肤头发,很周全很理想。 
混合6片装为您省下RM 28, 随皂赠送 3个起泡网及 3个挂钩,对需要长期大量购买或送礼的朋友来说,非常经济实惠。 

Specially packed for friends who like both NEEM & CANDLEBUSH SOAP. Neem Soap is more inclined towards disinfecting and healing while Candlebush Soap is more characterized by its ability to moisturise and toning the skin. Use them alternately on your skin and hair for a complimentary skin-hair care regime. 
Saves RM28, comes with 3 hooks and 3 soap pouches. A value buy for long term users or simply as a gift.


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