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WILLOW Neem Soap 6-pcs Pack 柳树林苦楝皂6片装 clear acne & antibacterial 祛痘 & 抗菌

RM 150.00
WILLOW Neem Soap 6-pcs Pack 柳树林苦楝皂6片装 clear acne & antibacterial 祛痘 & 抗菌 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes



随皂赠送 3个起泡网,对需要长期大量购买或送礼的朋友来说,非常经济实惠。 

Saves money, comes with 3 soap pouches. A value buy for long term users or simply as a gift.



  • 消除粉刺
  • 均衡肤色
  • 滋润干燥皮肤
  • 抗皮肤衰老
  • 祛痘 & 抗菌










Product Description

Washing hair, cleaning face and getting a shower is what we do everyday. 

Switching to non-chemical products can make a whole world of difference to your body: you are now away from harmful chemicals from HEAD to TOE! 

More importantly, you are getting a hair and skin care EVERY TIME you use them.

Willow Neem Soap

Known as the "Divine Tree' in India, Neem is antibacterial, calms eczema breakouts, and skin irritations.

Benefits(Face and Body):

  • Clear acne & antibacterial
  • Lightens skin blemishes
  • Prevents dry skin
  • Delays ageing of skin

Features of Willow Herbal Soap:

Uses only plant based oils, contains no animal fats or mineral oils.

Herbs are freshly harvested from our organic herbal farm, specially formulated to achieve various kinds of effects and efficacies.

Continuously heating process, resulting in fully saponified and mild soap, especially suitable for allergic skin type.

Uses only natural edible ingredients, completely free of chemical additives

Unscented, no fragrance or essential oils added.


Olive oil, Neem oil, Palm oil, Coconut oil,, Sodium Hydroxide, Herbs formula.

100% Chemical free, non drying, non irritating, fragrance free.

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