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WILLOW Neem Soap Block 柳树林苦楝皂砖- cut 10pcs

RM 178.00
WILLOW Neem Soap Block 柳树林苦楝皂砖- cut 10pcs Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

一条皂砖切10片,每片皂可省下 RM10-12!


这样晾着 2-3个月,就会减少水份和变硬,变得耐用。




简约好用,一直是我制作产品的准则, 谢谢大家帮助我达到目的。

Product Description

Soap Block is specially made for Family use.
Each Soap Block can be cut into 10 pieces, each of which can save you RM10-12.
This single versatile soap can cover all your cleansing needs - from washing your hair and face to a relaxing shower.

Option 1:

Once the Soap Block is cut, keep soap slices in the refrigerator,  remember to leave the soaps open, do not wrap them up with anything, do not keep them in air-tight container.
After 2-3 months of air drying, the soap will be ready for use.

Option 2:
Use your bars of soap right after cutting
However, keep in mind that freshly cut soap is still quite wet, so it will get used up quicker. On average, a dried bar lasts about 30 days or more, while a fresh one might only last 20-25 days for regular showers.

Dry or freshly cut, do not place soap on a regular soap dish. It'll get mushy and soft. Instead, use a draining rack or a bubble net to let the water drip off completely.

To all our valued customers who have chosen Soap Block, many thanks for helping me to reduce work and unnecessary packaging.
The core tenets of my product creation have always been - simplicity and practicality, thank you for helping me to achieve it!

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