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皂砖切了就用可以吗?Cut your Soap Block and use it right away?

皂砖切了就用可以吗?Cut your Soap Block and use it right away?
Cut your Soap Block and use it right away?
1) 用后必须置放在格子或线条的托架上,不能放在一般的皂盒、皂托里。
2) 用起泡网的话,也一样耐用,但皂会变得软绵绵的,不太好用。
3) 搓泡沫的时候要稍微快速,搓越久融化越快。
当然,皂越干爽就越耐用。 而且,晾干了的皂若保存得好,几年内都不会坏。
对面叶+苦楝混合皂砖 Candlebush + Neem MIXED SOAP BLOCKS

Yes, you can use your bar of soap right after cutting, no need to wait 2-3 months! 
I have personally tested it out for you and now you can try it yourself!
However, keep in mind that freshly cut soap is still quite wet, so it will get used up quicker. On average, a single piece of dried bar lasts about 30 days, while a fresh one might only last 25.
Even though it doesn't last as long, it's still a cost-effective option. Don't worry about the soap getting mushy, as long as you store it properly after use. 
Use on these condition: 
1) strictly no standard soap dish, opt for a rack with open slats for good air circulation.
2) *The bubble net*  is not helpful in this case, soap in the net will become soft and mushy. 
3) Lather less as it has the tendency to melt quicker.
Naturally, the longer the soap ages, the drier it becomes and the longer it lasts. Stored correctly, it can even stay good for a few years!
Candlebush + Neem MIXED SOAP BLOCKS

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